Staying healthy and getting moving is important at every stage of life, and especially for seniors. While it may seem difficult, it’s something that can be accomplished. After all, age is just a number, and a healthy and active lifestyle can be achieved despite the presence of disability, past injury or low fitness levels.

No matter what age, exercise will help to improve strength and mobility. Inactive seniors tend to suffer from atrophied muscles, poor balance, trouble breathing and are more easily injured. Doing simple exercises can help prevent all of these issues. There are also studies that being active can decrease the risk of certain diseases that seniors are more susceptible to, such as colorectal cancer. In fact, many forms of cancer have obesity or sedentary lifestyles as a risk factor.

Groups and circles of friends can change as we age. But, it is vital to form connections and relationships with other people. Taking a class, walking outside with a group or playing golf with friends can give you time to chat and interact with others. Keeping fit in a group can be much more fun and may help to keep you motivated!

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