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About NYS Agency

Welcome to NYS Nursing Agency Ltd whcih was originally established in 2011 and has grown to become a successful nursing and care agency operating in the North West. We supply qualified nurses and experienced care assistants to the health and social care sector.

The health and social care sector faces many challenges especially in the current changing climate. NYS recognises the demanding need for qualified health professionals with the intention of achieving reduced levels of stress and enhancing the quality of care for our clients.

The primary purpose of setting up was to provide clients with the best services to ensure we meet individuals needs in a timely manner. We would like to help providers in any situation. They may require staffing solutions as an emergency, to cover staff holidays, sickness or more long term requirements. Whatever the needs, we can offer healthcare organisations a high standard of service that is fast and friendly which meets the customers financial expectations.

NYS staff are excellent, they are very patient, very kind and are good with time keeping.

Prestigious client

I am happy with the care and support I get. NYS nursing agency are doing a fantastic job in care.

Nursing Home Client

The NYS managers are very focused on clients need. We appreciate the regular shifts that are provided by NYS.

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