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Customer Service

We have built a great working relationship with our customers and healthcare professionals. Our excellent communication, supervisions and evaluation strategies help us to ensure that all policies and procedures are adhered to. Complaints or concerns reported by our clients are immediately dealt with and a full investigation is carried out.

Evaluating System

To maintain compliance and to continue to offer reliable services, NYS have recently implemented a ‘new monitoring system’ which will help to improve our customer services and identify any required improvements to ensure the ‘needs of our clients are met’.

To review our selection, procedures and protocols NYS will:

  • Using various methods of communication, we engage with customers to evaluate and monitor services.
  • Develop satisfaction surveys to collect client feedback.
  • Achieve a well trusted working relationship to encourage and welcome any recommendations from our clients and our professionals.

NYS staff are excellent, they are very patient, very kind and are good with time keeping.

Prestigious client

I am happy with the care and support I get. NYS nursing agency are doing a fantastic job in care.

Nursing Home Client

The NYS managers are very focused on clients need. We appreciate the regular shifts that are provided by NYS.

Staff Members

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