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Our head office is organised in a manner to ensure we always act in the best interest of our clients. The NYS team is set up in order to successfully manage the daily operations of the business which enable us to meet our customers.

Care Is Easier Than Ever!

Let us treat your loved ones like family.
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How We Care

Conditions Treated

All our caregivers are thoroughly interviewed, trained, licensed, bonded and insured

Neurological Disorders 67%
Developmental Disabilities 89%
Orthopedic Disorders 72%

NYS staff are excellent, they are very patient, very kind and are good with time keeping.

Prestigious client

I am happy with the care and support I get. NYS nursing agency are doing a fantastic job in care.

Nursing Home Client

The NYS managers are very focused on clients need. We appreciate the regular shifts that are provided by NYS.

Staff Members

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Having a hand to hold allows me to stay in my home

Allow your loved one to maintain their happiness!
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Shawna Grant

An Experienced Caregiver

Gary Newman

An Experienced Caregiver

Sarah Jefferson

An Experienced Caregiver

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Getting quality Home Care with NYS is easier than ever. Let us treat your loved ones like family!

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Tips to Provide Better In-Home Care

Even when their need for specialized care is great, older people prefer to stay at home. Often adult children and other family members take on the care giving responsibilities providing rides, picking up prescriptions and helping out around the house. Eventually, they may even be managing high-tech medical treatments, assisting with daily activities and dealing with end-of-life issues. Registered nurses…

Tips for Keeping the Senior in Your Life Active

Regular exercise can keep you fit and help you stay independent as you age. Other benefits may include faster recovery from illness, reduced risk of chronic disease and better management of existing medical problems such as osteoarthritis. Here are some tips for staying active in your senior years. Choose activities you find interesting and manageable. You are more likely to…